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Develop multi-functional imaging techniques based in OCT for the preclinical diagnostic of Alzheimer's disease.

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Article about PS-OCM imaging of neuritic plaques now online


Our work on advancing polarization-sensitive optical coherence microscopy imaging for brain tissue appeared online today in Scientific Reports. Neuritic plaques, which are one of the major hallmarks in Alzheimer's disease, were hereby detected in brain tissue samples based on their birefringent property.

New article published in Biomedical Optics Express


Our recent investigation on retinal and scleral changes during acute intraocular pressure elevation in rats was published in Biomedical Optics Express last week. Changes in the posterior albino-rat eye were studied using a polarization-sensitive OCT approach allowing the identification of polarization effects such as the scleral birefringence or the retinal nerve fiber layer retardation. The article is highlighted at as a featured article!

Museum of Technology trip


The group made a christmas trip to the Museum of Technology of Vienna.

Carlos Thesis defense


After his work in our group, Carlitos succesfully defended his Master thesis in Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology in Germany. During his thesis, he implemented an optomechanical sample arm to a Visible Light PS-OCT system and created a mouse eye model for visible light. It has been a pleasure to work with him and we wish all the best for him in Mexico.

PLOS ONE Travel Grant


Danielle is one of ten early career researcher (ECR) who were awarded the PLOS ECR Travel Award ! She will present her work on "Polarisation-sensitive visible light OCT for mouse retinal imaging" at the SPIE BiOS Conference, part of the Photonics West, in San Francisco. Congratulations!

New article published in PLOS ONE


Our recent work on the longitudinal investigation of retinal changes in a mouse model of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) / retinal angiomatous proliferation (RAP) was published in PLOS ONE last week. Retinal changes were studied using a multi-functional OCT approach with a threefold contrast: reflectivity, polarization sensitivity (PS) and OCT angiography (OCTA).

BIGSS Galway 2016


Antonia, Pablo and Carlos just returned from the biophotonics and imaging summer school (BIGSS’16), which took place from 5th-9th September in Galway, Ireland. Leading professors in various research fields, such as microscopy, optical coherence tomography or photoacoustic imaging, gave interesting talks about their subject. The program also included a poster session and hands-on training at NUI Galway. We had a really great and intense time there, and we are especially happy that we were able to get to know a lot of new and interesting people in the field of biophotonics!

Josephinum 'de oculis' exhibition


Today our group joined the groups of Christoph Hitzenberger and Michael Pircher in a trip to the Josephinum in Vienna. Amongst numerous other collections, the Josephinum houses a world-renowned collection of nearly 1,200 anatomical wax models. It is currently displaying a special exhibition entitled “de oculis” which contains impressive, historically-important collections of ophthalmological objects and as well a small insight into new developments including, of course, optical coherence tomography.

Thesis Defense


Johannes successfully defended his thesis today. During his thesis, he investigated the melanin pigmentation of rat eyes. We wish him all the best for his career as a medical doctor in the mountains of Vorarlberg!



This year's "Betriebsausflug" (the annual summer trip for all employees of the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering) began with visiting the interesting castle Forchtenstein. Then, at the Stoob Station in the Mittelburgenland we prepared ourselves with lunch for the sporty afternoon. Our team explored by bicycle handcars the scenic landscape of the Mittelburgenland. In the end the hard work was rewarded with a visit to a local wine cellar for a wine tasting.

YSA Symposium


The Young Scientist Association of the Medical University of Vienna hosted the 12th YSA PhD symposium last week. Marco was awarded the best oral presentation in the Medical Physics session for his presentation entitled "Long-term investigation of retinal changes in a VLDLR mouse model using multi-functional OCT", and Danielle received a prize for her photograph collage entitled "The Table" in the "Capture a Moment" category of the ScienceArt contest.

ARVO 2016


Marco and Bernhard just returned from their conference trips to the OSA conference on Biomedical Optics in Fort Lauterdale, FL, US and the ARVO Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, US. Apart from multiple cutting-edge talks within the field of biomedical optics and ophthalmology we could also join special sessions on the 25th anniversery of Optical Coherence Tomography - Happy Birthday!

New Project Students


This month we welcome two new students to our group. The first is Carlos Reyes, who will study optics for imaging a mouse eye for his Masters thesis in collaboration with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

We also welcome Masters student Konrad Leskovar, who will complete a project focusing on hardware programming for more practical image acquisition. Welcome to the team!

Photonics West 2015


We just returned from the 2016's Photonics West held in San Francisco Moscone Center, CA, US. Our contributions to the BIOS Conferences on Ophthalmic Technologies, Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine as well as on Neural Imaging and Sensing were successfully presented. We had a great and intense time and are looking forward to next year!

Christmas Party


Today the annual Christmas party of the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering took place in the Klosterneuburg Monastery. The evening started with chestnut and hot wine infront of the Monastery, followed by an impressive pipe organ concert. After that a large and delicious buffet was offered for dinner. The evening was finish off with some drinks and nice conversations. In this sense, we want to wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

New PhD students


Today we welcome two new PhD students to our lab! Pablo Eugui has just completed his Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain, and Antonia Lichtenegger has completed her Masters studies in Technical Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. Both will be developing their own new OCT systems. We look forward to working with them!